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Dr. Reddy's
Dr. Reddy's is a global organization, with products across the pharmaceutical value chain designed to offer solutions for unmet medical needs and better access to existing medicines. Our offerings cover active pharmaceutical ingredients, branded formulations, generic drugs, biologics, specialty products and new chemical entities (NCE). We are headquartered in Hyderabad, India, with a presence across 25 countries. Our manufacturing facilities are supported by five technology development centers, two integrated product development facility and three research and development (R&D) centers[1].

Bringing affordable healthcare to everyone

Our mandate is to create greater access to affordable medicines and reach patients worldwide. We have a strong presence in key generics markets globally. Our medicines and services are available in North America, Europe and the emerging markets of Asia, Africa and South America. This helps us stay close to patients, doctors, healthcare providers and business partners, wherever they are.
The Biologics business unit at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories, focusing on the development and commercialization of biosimilar drugs, was formed more than two decades ago (see Figure 1). Our biosimilar drugs are equally effective, safe and more affordable alternatives to their Reference Products.

Dr. Reddy's Biologics business unit has a global presence and is a fully integrated unit. This unit is Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certified and accredited for bacterial and large-scale mammalian cell culture manufacturing. Our product development capabilities and commercial reach have made us a pioneer and a global leader, with four commercialised products - Reditux, Grafeel®, Peg-Grafeel® and Cresp® in the market [1]. Our industry-leading pipeline covers key areas of oncology, nephrology and immunology.

NCE = New chemical entities, GMP = Good manufacturing practice, R&D = Research & Development
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